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The Bikers for Kids Charity

Bikers for Kids was established in 1990 by long-time motorcycle enthusiast and community figure, Big John Young. In 2016 it was incorporated as an association and appointed a board of directors.

Standing at over 2 metres tall and having been awarded an Order of Australia medal in 2015 for his work with the community for children, Big John has a compassionate heart to rival the size of his stature.

The Bikers for Kids association has strong values of Integrity, Commitment and Social Justice. The committee is made up of seven members who meet regularly to plan ways of providing support and raising awareness for kids and families unable to do it for themselves or simply suffering set backs through life.

Through the years the association and their board members have supported over 20 charities, however their flagship initiative is the annual Newcastle Toy Run, where they enlist the support of thousands of fellow motorcyclists to ride and donate for their cause.

The Bikers for Kids also use their standing within the community to show that motorcyclists come from all walks of life and are good people, helping to dispel the negative stereotypes the subculture is often associated with in mainstream media.

Under Big John’s stewardship, the Newcastle Toy Run has gone from strength to strength and is now celebrating its 40th anniversary. With this significant milestone, John will be handing the reigns of his presidency to his son Daryn Young mid 2017 to take on the legacy and uphold the good work and message of this important work.

The Bikers for Kids association requires sponsorship to fund the operations of the Newcastle Toy Run event and produce fundraising merchandise. It is an independent organisation, not affiliated with any church or motorcycle group or bound to a sole or ongoing beneficiary organisation. Once operating costs are covered, all proceeds, along with 100% of cash and toy donations collected from the general public, are donated to their selected charity, which in 2017 will once again be the Salvation Army.

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