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meet the riders


Our riders vary from general commuters, scooter riders, postie riders, big motorcycle riders, dirt bike lovers to the Patch & Club Boys for whom motorcycle riding is more than a passion - it’s a lifestyle. You just can’t stereotype a motorcycle rider, they may indeed be your neighbour, friend, family member or colleague!


Port Operations Manager

2021 will be Jades first toy run, his motivation "every kid desrves a Christmas".  Jade enjoys "the solitude of riding when you want it and the solidarity when you need it."




Chris has been a Toy Run rider for several years, and keeps coming back for a "great day out celebrating all that is good in Australia, and highlighting the need to help out those that are not going so good. The diversity of motorcycles, riders and spectators reflects our society so well and shows that it takes all kinds to make a world!"


Aged Care Administration 

This will be Trudy's first year as a rider in the Newcastle Toy Run! She decided to get involved to "help provide a little bit of joy to children who might otherwise miss out on the magic of Christmas."

What is it about motorcycling that Trudy loves? It's "the freedom and the peace of just being alone in the wind."


Truck Driver 

2017 will be Johno's 4th year as a Toy Run Rider. He and Tracy "do it for the kids, plus it's great to ride with friends and meet new people every year!"

They both love the friendships they've found since becoming members of the motorcycling community. Now, "we do as many charity rides as possible and plenty of trips with our friends."



This will be Duncan's first year joining Bikers for Kids in the Toy Run! 

He's coming along to "help the community" and loves the freedom and exhilaration that motorcycling offers.  



Howie has been a Toy Run rider for a whopping 25 YEARS! He does it for the "pure joy of riding with 10,000 others, all with the one goal of helping other families less fortunate than ourselves."




This year, Stephen will be riding in his 19 th Newcastle Toy Run in 2021, as "a simple and pleasurble way to give back to the community."

Why does he love motorcycling so much? It's the "freedom, the mobility, the camaraderie and the risk" all wrapped up into one. 



Chips has been riding in the Toy Run for 6 years now, to "give to those who need it," as well as use it as a "great opportunity to see old friends, make new ones and show that Bikers are not just what the media portray us as."  

His favourite thing about being part of the motorcycling community is the strong culture giving back to those who

need it. 



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